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The "Big 3"

The Big Three is a holistic framework that reflects practical and meaningful measures gathered from research-based best practices. 

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We Empower the Pursuit of Happiness

Promise Schools was created with a specific purpose: to ensure all scholars, regardless of circumstance, race, or socioeconomic status, can confidently pursue their life’s aspirations.  


We provide access to a quality college-prep education so that scholars have the skill and will to achieve their dreams and pursue their happiness in college or in whatever path they may choose.

One school. One family.

The Promise Schools network includes Jalen Rose Leadership Academy proving what’s possible for the promise of opportunity for our approximately 425 scholars. As we expand, each school will represents another chapter in a success story still being written. We promise to empower all scholars with the skill and the will to pursue their happiness and achieve their dreams.

The best place for leaders to lead and teachers to teach

We aspire to create schools where teachers want to teach and leaders want to lead. We promise opportunities for growth, leadership, and wellness in a supportive network family, and above all, meaningful impact on the lives of Detroit scholars.

Jalen Rose Leadership Academy

We know that excellent teaching is:






Together we make this work possible

We promise real impact for the City of Detroit and schools that deliver dramatically different results for Detroit scholars. Promise Schools relies on the generous support of donation, grants, and essential partners to make our work possible. There are three main ways that you can support our work:

Financial Support

In-kind donations