About Us

Every child deserves 

a shot at the American dream.

Our History
Promise Schools was created in 2013 with a specific mandate: to ensure all scholars can confidently pursue all of their life’s aspirations. This work is our purpose - to empower the pursuit of happiness.  Access to quality education is the critical first step and the promise of opportunity is at the heart of the Promise School's identity. Every student, regardless of race, circumstance, and socioeconomic status deserves an opportunity to live this Promise.


Our Core Values


Our Core Values

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We start each of our relationships with respect, providing everyone the dignity and sympathetic hearing that we would expect for ourselves. We listen to one another, are considerate of one another’s points of view and feelings, and show gratitude for one another.



Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Since the founding of Promise Schools over seven years ago, equity has been at the very heart of who we are. We stand committed to
  • To continue to do the individual and organizational work required to live out our commitment as an anti-racist organization, uncovering implicit biases and ensuring that our policies and systems are not oppressive to people of color;

  • To providing deeper education and support for all team members so that we can be effective allies in the fight for racial justice;

  • To creating safe spaces where all in our network feel safe, valued, and heard;

  • To calling on government for an end to police brutality and other acts of systemic oppression, and accountability for those who perpetuate it;

  • To partnering with organizations in our city and region that are fighting to promote racial justice;

  • To making Promise Schools a diverse and inclusive place for people of color to work and thrive and to increasing diversity at all levels of our organization.

Over the past three years Promise Schools has:

1) implemented the RISE program (Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality) across our network, providing our team with both knowledge and tools for addressing matters of racism, prejudice, diversity, and inclusion

2) begun to infuse this knowledge and these tools in our network operations in meaningful ways, most notably in hiring and RFP processes

3) explicitly name and support Identity, Relevance, and Belonging as one of our “Big 3” programmatic levers.  This work has formed a strong foundation from which we can now continue to build.

Turning our equity commitments into real action, Promise Schools launched the Equity Task Force in order to improve as an anti-racist organization, develop core strategies aligned with our commitments, and to hold us accountable for delivering on our commitments.