Promise Schools aspires to be the best place for leaders to lead and teachers to teach.

Prove what's possible for the promise of opportunity

We promise to grow education professionals as part of a supportive, collaborative team, inspiring scholars and excelling through robust development opportunities.

Our professionals are a family of educators. Team member relationships are fortified by care and respect and network-wide social events play a central role in cultivating a sense of unity and belonging.


Our educators operate as professionals.

A balance of support and autonomy gives school leaders and teachers both the structure and freedom needed to achieve meaningful and lasting results, both in and out of the classroom.

Our educators are treated like professionals. Promises Schools offers superior 401k matching (6%), and excellent health, vision, and dental benefits. Promise Schools also offers unique perks such as subsidized yoga, network-wide adult sports teams, and book club.


We want you to grow with us over the long-term. Professionals at our schools are presented with clearly defined professional growth through the Promise Schools Teacher Career Pathway or the School Leadership Pathway. We also offer differentiated professional development and personalized instructional coaching - allowing our educators to realize their best selves.